Why Curbscaping?

See the Difference!

Our proven techniques and equipment make the difference on how your curbing looks and lasts over the years.

Landscape Curbing

Concrete is continuously poured for a cleaner, smoother look.
Single continuous piece with aircraft cable will not heave.
No gaps for weeds to grow.
Smooth, even lines — no ugly corners or angles!
Keeps mulch in flowerbeds.
Won't be damaged by a weed wacker.

Traditional Pavers

Blocks are individually laid or placed.
Blocks "heave" — get pushed or lifted out of line, become uneven.
Weeds will grow between blocks.
Angles/corners of blocks exposed with curves.

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Why Curbscaping? - Concrete is continuously poured for a clean and smooth look, single continuous piece with cable will not heave, no gaps for weeds to grow, smooth even lines, keeps mulch in flowerbeds, won't be damaged by weedwhackers.
Great Look, No Gaps, Strong and Long Last Curbing -
Why Curbscaping?
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Create a beautiful a unique look to your curbing. 

We offer numerous curbing design and shapes for curbing.
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