The Process

The Process

Our non-invasive process of curbing eliminates concerns about damaging your property and current landscaping. The machines that we use are light, lawn friendly and self-propelled.

Step 1

Border Placement

The border placement is marked and using
shovels and a sod cutter the ground is prepared. The trench is usually cut two inches deep and ten inches wide.

Step 2

Mix At Site

We mix all concrete on our trailer at your site
ensuring color consistency. Curb molds are then attached to the machine to produce the style of edging chosen. The machine easily handles either straight lines or gentle curves.

Step 3


The final step is finishing. Depending on the color chosen, additional color may be added. Concrete curbing, like any other type of concrete can crack. We control the cracking caused by ground movement and cold weather by cutting expansion joints every couple of feet. Also by using fiber mesh and other additives, shrinkage, which also produces cracks, is minimized. Finally, we add a clear sealer to prevent UV damage, chipping and peeling.

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Why Curbscaping? - Concrete is continuously poured for a clean and smooth look, single continuous piece with cable will not heave, no gaps for weeds to grow, smooth even lines, keeps mulch in flowerbeds, won't be damaged by weedwhackers.
Great Look, No Gaps, Strong and Long Last Curbing -
Why Curbscaping?
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Create a beautiful a unique look to your curbing. 

We offer numerous curbing design and shapes for curbing.
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